Monday, November 30, 2009

Which Are You?

Call me a prude or old-fashioned, but I think everyone should Always be on time. If you say you're going to arrive at a certain time, please show up a few minutes early or be exactly on time, but this arriving almost an hour past the witching hour drives me absolutely crazy!
So which are you? Are you like me and arrive a few minutes early, or are you one of them that is always late?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is the first word chosen for a photography challenge I've decided to begin with two other aspiring photographers.

My interpretation of "New"

A newly turned leaf which we rarely see here in the deep south.

My son's dog Brody, who has adapted a "new" behavior. He has learned to just ignore the camera instead of walking toward it as he did when he first came to live with us.

Ultimately the Decision is Mine

Any educator can relate. Should I or not? There is always so much to do: plan, grade, grade and grade some more. This is MY day off from work, but I know I must share my time even though it's forced.
The decision is mine or is it? I can't help seeing those 60 some odd faces of my AP students wondering what they scored on their last timed write.
So NO, the decision is NOT ultimately MINE.
Who says educators have it "Easy"?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Year in the Making

The money exchanged hands so long ago, but the anticipation has been building as the time drew near. An excited buzz filled the air as the release date got closer. Screen shots were shared, talk of new trailers and strategies flowed through the fiber optics.
Once the actual day arrived, hundreds of fans swarmed the shops anxiously awaiting the witching hour.
I'm sure many households were abuzz with excitement last night and into the wee hours of the dawn as mine was. My guys (my husband and son) were playing until 4 AM and amazingly are up again this morning at 8 AM ready to play this phenom they lovingly refer to as COD Modern Warfare 2.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What's the Purpose?

What is the purpose of you writing on a blog? Do you hope to attract a plethora of blog followers? Who would make up that group of followers?

I posed this very question on my sbing site and most of my members said to offer prizes on my blog, but wouldn't that only attract a certain group of people? And honestly, if you've scrapbooked for any length of time, you've experienced the shopping euphoria where all is well in your world because you've just purchased the newest releases. So then I ask, "Why would you want more "stuff" when you already have so much already?"

Not only am I an avid scrapbooker, but I enjoy writing and photography as well. So wouldn't I want these people to follow my blog too?

After asking myself these questions, I came up with the following answers in terms to my own personal blog and why people would follow it:

I think people who follow certain blogs:
*enjoy your style of writing
*can relate your experiences to their own lifes
*hope to learn something in relation to their own hobbies
*just want to be entertained

Through the reading of my blog I hope my audience gain a few laughs, learn a few new things, view situations from a different perspective and learn not to take life too seriously.

Ask yourself this question and see what answer you come up with. Who would you like to follow your blog? What is "your" purpose for keeping a blog?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Here's what I've learned

*You don't have to only blog about scrapbooking (or whatever craft you may love)
*Skipping days is okay, life happens-no need to apologize
*After reading 2 pages worth of blogs linked to Shimelle's class, I want to read only those that I connect with
*I don't have to change the name of my blog for people to read it, it's a metaphor really ;)
*I can add as much or as little writing/photos as I'd like
*And the BEST thing I've learned...I really do have ideas for blogging and didn't need a class to supply prompts, but this class did open my eyes to another way of blogging. For that I am thankful

What happened here?

I bet you're wondering, "What's happened? Jan was off to such a great start and then Wham!" I totally understand, you don't need to explain yourself. This is how my life has been since Aug. 24 and I never know when it's going to hit (get crazy) enough that I'm MIA for a bit. The one thing I do know, or hope I know, is you'll all be here waiting for my return.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tacky Day or was it?

"Tacky" Day it sure was! The girls' outfits were hastily put together as they randomly selected clothing from their closets and drawers. Make-up was applied to create opposite effects on eyes as well as cheeks and their stockings... well let's just say these shouldn't be discussed within earshot of any of the principals.
These outfits transported me to days I'd rather not remember.
As the day progressed the outfits, girls and guys, became even more tacky. I thought to photograph a few of these to share, but later thought better of it.
Let's just say I'm glad this day only comes once a school year.

There's nothing like HomeComing Week

It's great to see how many new followers I have-Welcome everyone!
Today is another scrappy opportunity that I'm armed and ready for. I have my camera with a fully charged battery ready for those ever so present photo opps.
Teaching teens is the best this time of year. They LOVE to dress up and get into the HomeComing Spirit.
Today is "Tacky Day" so I'm sure they'll be fabulous outfits to fill my frame.
I'll share later this afternoon after I get home from school, so make sure you pop on by later on.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mitchell Mustangs Happy Halloween Cheerleaders

Here is a photo of one of my AP students who happens to be a cheerleader. I asked her to come back with her friends so I could get a pic of them snazzing up their uniforms. I didn't notice the garters until after I printed the photo to scrapbook it. I think it's a sharp contrast to the halos they are wearing are their heads.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween High School Style

I'm in the process of creating my Halloween layouts, but I thought I'd share a photo of two of my AP students.

They were so sweet to pose this dramatic photo for me.